The voice of Australia


Publishers Notes

Timothy Koops is an ordinary man with a dead-end job whose home life is a struggle. He takes part in an experimental procedure to enhance his memories, making them more positive and making him more successful in life. As Timothy discovers, the procedure also alters the past, subtly at first, then with greater impact. The changes begin to affect not only Timothy but also the world around him. Enjoying unimagined wealth and power, Timothy embraces his glamourous new life. But the project’s lead scientist, Dr. Zakery Fasten, is concerned about unexpected consequences.  Dr. Fasten comes into conflict with the mysterious Control, who oversees the project in collaboration with a supercomputer that has ideas of its own. As the changes become even greater, Timothy understands the ramifications of playing the Tomorrow Game. Will he become the master of his new reality, or be forever lost in time?           

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