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Publishers Notes

Do you find that you often go through your day without taking the time to review it as a whole, and so have little connection or justification for your own decisions and direction in life? If this sounds like experiences you have had, you are not alone. The good news is there is a simple way to begin to work on and improve these aspects of your life. The simple practice of keeping a daily diary has been proven to provide an extensive mental health benefit, especially as it relates to anxiety, stress, and dealing with traumatic events. In addition to the positive effects keeping a journal has on mental health, there is also research to suggest physical health benefit to the practice as well, and writing for five minutes each day is much easier to commit to than the gym. If you have ever wondered how keeping a journal might help you in your life, then this book will answer exactly that. In this book, we will explore:
The ways in which anxiety and stress levels can be reduced by expressive writing
The research that supports the physical health benefit of writing, including decreased blood pressure and improved sleep
Historical figures who have kept a journal in the past, and what lessons we can take away from their writings
The positive effects writing in a journal can have on self-esteem
How increased self-esteem contributes to more success
How writing out your goals can better help you achieve them, and how you go about improving productivity based on written goals
The rule of six
The best advice for beginning to keep a journal
The important things to keep in mind when you begin to write expressively
There is so much more to keeping a diary than people may initially think possible. This book will help you understand why expressive writing may be just the thing for you. Journaling is a practice that is both therapeutic and encourages better productivity and success in your daily life.  Keeping a diary can make changes in your life that you would have never expected. By being the master of your own story, you will learn to take charge in your own life and will stop fearing change. Together, we will discuss how to take the reins in your own life, and make your mind work for you instead of against you. If you have ever felt out of control, or like your life could use clarity and focus, then this is just the advice you have been seeking.  This book will help you understand why keeping a journal is important, teach you how to start the process of expressive writing, what to include in your expressive writing, and the potential benefit you can expect to see from this practice.  You will come away with a better understanding of yourself, and improved knowledge of the world around you. There is no downside to keeping a diary, so start listening now to begin your happy life!

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