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Would you like to learn the secrets of online courses? Do you also want to keep up with the times, adopting the most modern technologies and techniques to create an online course, making money with it? The world today is characterized by digitalization. Increasingly, processes and activities are managed effectively remotely and people are making use of increasingly smart forms of communication. Online training is accessible for everyone, everywhere! Whether you are at home, in the subway, or in your favorite restaurant, all you need is a smartphone to comfortably access online lessons, study, and at the same time enjoy the environment in which you find yourself. Change isn't simple, but you must change. This guide will make you stride step by step through all that you have to do from setting up the equipment to creating and selling your final course. You will find how to defeat virtual teaching difficulties and arrive at your teaching objectives without vis-à-vis gatherings.  You will learn: 
How to develop an online course and switch from traditional approach of teaching in a school to new era
How to reach students' attention through digital transformation
What is the minimum technical equipment
The most effective method to create and online course and the most important software for your scope
And... How to create a funnel
How to sell your course
The secrets of high-ticket course
Tools, tips, tricks
And much more.

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